Computational Neurology Club(第5回)日程変更のお知らせ

2023年12月5日(火)に開催予定の Computational Neurology Club(第5回)は

日本学術振興会 学術変革領域A「行動変容生物学」・生命創成探究センターの共催により以下の研究会を開催いたします。是非、ご参加くださいませ。

Computational Neurology Club(第5回)

講 演 者 :Jacob Vogel(Lund University)
タイトル:Connectome-based models of neurodegenerative disease
概要:Neurodegenerative diseases involve accumulation of aberrant proteins in the brain, leading to brain damage and progressive cognitive and behavioral dysfunction. Many gaps exist in our understanding of how these diseases initiate and how they progress through the brain. However, evidence has accumulated supporting the hypothesis that aberrant proteins can be transported using the brain’s intrinsic network architecture — in other words, using the brain’s natural communication pathways. This theory forms the basis of connectome-based computational models, which combine real human data and theoretical disease mechanisms to simulate the progression of neurodegenerative diseases through the brain. In this talk, I will first review work leading to the development of connectome-based models, and work from my lab and others that have used these models to test hypothetical modes of disease progression. Second, I will discuss the future and potential of connectome-based models to achieve clinically useful individual-level predictions, as well as to generate novel biological insights into disease progression. Along the way, I will highlight recent work by my lab and others that is already moving the needle toward these lofty goals.

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