学際ハブプログラム「スピン生命フロンティア」 共催セミナーのお知らせ

生理学研究所 感覚認知情報研究部門の部門公開セミナー「9th Division of Sensory and Cognitive Brain Mapping Seminar」が、学際ハブプログラム「スピン生命フロンティア」の共催で下記のとおり開催されます。ぜひご参加ください。
※本セミナーは英語で実施されます。Seminar Language: English


2024年6月5日(水) 10:00〜11:00




Jesse Gomez先生(プリンストン大学神経科学研究所 助教授)


Exploring the structural and functional development of the living human brains beyond sensory cortex


Human brain development is the most protracted of any species, making childhood a critical period during which maturing neural circuits interact with experience to shape the brain. However, much of our understanding of brain development comes from either animal models or postmortem work; how these findings can be extrapolated to the living human brain is not straightforward. In this talk, we will discuss employing advances in quantitative MRI to measure the precise quantity and composition of human neural tissue across development. Expanding on our previous work within visual cortex, we will explore how structure and function develop in two historically overlooked regions in human development: ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum. We find evidence that distinct brain structures undergo distinct forms of structural development, such as pruning versus proliferating tissue, and relate these to measures of brain function within the same participants. Combining these observations with postmortem protein and gene expression analyses, we work towards creating a deeper understanding of human brain development. We find that visually-response prefrontal cortex shows very late-stage emergence for visual category selectivity, and that the cerebellum shows much more heterogeneity in its structure and development than once believed. We complement these findings with some postmortem analyses of brain tissue to quantify the potential proteins and genes scaffolding the development effects we observe with MRI.

参加申込み 申込締切:5月29日


竹村浩昌 生理学研究所教授 (

  • 文部科学大臣認定 共同利用・共同研究拠点 糖鎖生命科学連携ネットワーク型拠点(J-共同利用・共同研究システム形成事業 「学際領域展開ハブ形成プログラム」【スピン生命フロンティア (Spin-L)】)
  • 自然科学研究機構共創戦略統括本部 定量・イメージング生物学分野(QIB)