The Advanced Co-creation Platform

The ExCELLS aims to answer the fundamental question “What is life?” which all humans share. For achieving this aim, the center has established the Advanced Co-creation Platform as a project to develop advanced life science research. As part of this project, the faculty members affiliated with the center and researchers from external research institutions form a research team to work on a given co-creation research question. This is called the ExCELLS Project Research.

Exploration of the Boundary between Matter and Life

Team Principal Investigator

MURATA, Kazuyoshi
Project Professor

Material-Life Boundary Research Group


Project Outline

The ExCELLS project research entitled “Exploration of the Boundary between Matter and Life” was launched in FY2022. This project will observe the interactions between organisms and viruses living in extreme environments and the morphology, function, and dynamics of molecular complexes related to environmental responses, in order to elucidate the essential or minimal mechanisms and principles necessary to maintain biological functions, and will conduct research for a systematic understanding of the boundary between matter and life.

Spatiotemporal atlas of dynamic structure and function of organelles

Team Principal Investigator

SHIINA, Nobuyuki
Associate Professor

Dynamic Molecular Neurobiology Group


Project Outline

The ExCELLS project research “Spatiotemporal atlas of dynamic structure and function of organelles” promotes organelle research, which is expanding with the recent identification of membraneless organelles. We aim to elucidate organization of membrane and membraneless organelles, as well as their reorganization, dynamics conversion, and functional regulation by various cues.

Planned Research Group

  • SHIINA Sub Team
  • YAGI, Maho Sub Team
  • NEMOTO Sub Team
  • NISHIMURA Sub Team
  • TAKADA Sub Team
  • AOKI Sub Team
  • NONAKA Sub Team
  • YAGI, Hirokazu Sub Team

Publicly Invited Research Group

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