The following is the website policy for Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems (hereby referred to as “ExCELLS”) .


Links to the ExCELLS website (hereby referred to as this website) are generally allowed without prior notification. However, links are prohibited in the following cases:

  • Links from websites that operate for profit or solicitation purposes, or links that contain content which defeat the purpose of ExCELLS
  • As URLs other than that of the top page ( may change at any time without notice

Prohibited Items

  • The following items are prohibited on this website.
  • Copying, sending, forwarding, distributing, or sharing of any information with a third party without permission in part or in whole
    Sending or installing of harmful computer programs
  • Any activities that may damage the trust of or hinder the operations of the providers of this website
  • Any activities that is in violation of the law


  • All contents on this website made public through the internet are subject to copyright. Also, this website in its entirety is subject to copyright as the work of its editor, and is protected by the Copyright Act of Japan and international conventions.
  • All created and edited information on this website is considered contents. This includes not only text, but also screen images, pictures, charts, voice data, video data, etc. Also, all copyrights concerning layout, design and structure also belong to ExCELLS.
  • Excluding special cases, any copying of the contents from this website or re-use of the contents in publication or digital media, etc. without permission from the copyright holder is a violation of copyright. Other than private use or quoting in a manner deemed legal according to the Copyright Act, copying or republishing any contents on this website without permission from ExCELLS is prohibited.


  • The contents of this website are not meant as solicitation of investment. Users should use their own discretion and act responsibly when making use of information attained from this website. All contents on this website are created based on the data and information that are deemed accurate as of the date of creation; however, ExCELLS and information providers are not responsible for the accuracy, relevance, integrity, etc. of the contents. ExCELLS and information providers are not responsible for any problem or loss cauesd by such information.
  • This website may contain links to non-ExCELLS affiliated websites for the convenience of the users. ExCELLS and information providers are not responsible for the reliability of the contents on those websites. ExCELLS and information providers are not responsible for any problem or loss caused by such information.


  • This website is operated and managed in accordance with Japanese laws.