[Press Release]New role of arginine metabolism in plant morphogenesis identified[2020.9.9]

[Press Release]Amyloid formation in the International Space Station[2020.6.17]

[Press Release]Dock and Harbor: A Novel Mechanism for Controlling Genes[2020.5.8]

[Press Release]Light driven proton pump in distant relative[2020.4.11]

[Press Release]Passport tagging for express cargo transportation in cells[2020.3.18]

[Press Releasae]Ancient Greek tholos-like architecture composed of archaeal proteins[2020.2.4]

[Press Releasae]Antibodies gather and form a circle for defensive attack![2020.1.7]

[Press Release] The First Structure of a Novel Histone Chaperone Reveals Energy-Dependent Chromatin Assembly[2019.12.17]

[Press Release] Elucidation of the atomic-level mechanism by which pathogenic bacteria uptake iron ions[2019.11.25]

Information concerning the ExCELLS Retreat for Young Scientists (FY2019)[2019.11.08]


[Press Release] CO biosynthesis required for the assembly of the active site in NiFe-hydrogenase[2019.11.7]


Information concerning the 2nd ExCELLS symposium[2019.9.26]


It’s Fab! A hidden touch of antibody[2019.8.29]


High-speed AFM reveals accelerated binding of Agitoxin-2 to K+ channel by Induced-fit[2019.7.11]


Presentations at Academia Sinica[2019.6.21]


Frontier Bioorganization Forum 2019 will be held[2019.6.20]


Elucidation of molecular mechanism underlying promotion of vascular smooth muscle cell maturation (muscular differentiation)[2019.6.18]


[Press Release] Fishing a line coupled with clockwork for daily rhythm[2019.6.4]


Information concerning the 5th ExCELLS seminar[2019.3.22]


The ExCELLS retreat for young scientists (FY2018) was held.[2019.2.6]

[Press Release] A boundary dance of amyloid-β stepping into dementia[2019.1.4]

Dr. Yusaku Ohta joined ExCELLS[2018.12.3]

Announcement of Job Opportunity for Associate Professor[2018.11.16]

Information concerning the 1st ExCELLS symposium[2018.9.6]


Dr. Hiroki Watanabe joined ExCELLS


Dr. Takayuki Uchihashi and Dr. Ken Takai joined ExCELLS[2018.8.16]


Development of temperature gradient assay system to determine thermal preferences of fruit fly larvae[2018.7.5]


ExCELLS Young Scientists Forum 2018[2018.7.2]


Information concerning 1st ExCELLS seminar[2018.6.17]


[Press Release] New discovery of a molecular mechanism of maternal-fetal placental calcium transport – TRPV6 variants cause transient neonatal hyperparathyroidism.[2018.6.12]


Details of Frontier Bioorganization Forum 2018[2018.6.7]


English version website now open![2018.6.6]




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