Visiting Professor: Susumu UCHIYAMA, Ph.D.
(Affiliation: Osaka University)
E-mail: suchi[at]

LINK: Website of Uchiyama Group at Osaka Univ. (External site opens in a new window)


We have been studying dynamic protein assembly using native mass spectrometry (native MS) that provides mass of biological complexes such as protein complex formed through non-covalent interactions. With native MS we can obtain the high resolution information on mass of complex molecule, from which stoichiometry of the complex are identified.
Assembly of not only biological molecules but also of synthetic molecules has been determined with high accuracy using native MS. Researchers who are highly interested in native MS can potentially ask to perform native MS at this research center under the collaboration scheme.



・ Ishii, K., Zhou, M, and Uchiyama S. Native mass spectrometry for understanding dynamic protein complex. BBA General subjects 1862, 275-286. (2018)

・ Uchihashi T, Watanabe YH, Nakazaki Y, Yamasaki T, Watanabe T, Maruno T, Ishii K, Uchiyama S, Song C, Murata K, Iino R, Ando T. Dynamic structural states of ClpB involved in its disaggregation function. Nature Communications 9, Article number: 2147. (2018)

・ Zhan, Y., Ogata, K., Kojima, T., Koide, T., Ishii, K., Mashiko, T., Tachikawa, M., Uchiyama, S., Hiraoka, S. Hyperthermostable Cube-shaped Assembly in Water. Communications Chemistry 1, Article number: 14. (2018)

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