Specially Appointed Associate Professor: Yusuke MIYANARI, Ph.D.
E-mail: miyanari[at]

LINK: Miyanari Group Web Site


We have just open a new lab in early 2014. A fundamental question in biology for us is to understand the mechanisms underlying cell-fate decision. Genomic reprogramming after mammalian fertilization reverts terminally differentiated gametes into toti- or pluripotent state to start a new developmental program. The cell lineage allocation is accompanied by drastic changes in the pattern of gene expression, epigenetic configurations, and nuclear organization. We are interested in a “microscopic” view of the nuclear architecture, which is subnuclear distribution of chromatin and studying functional roles of nuclear dynamics in cell lineage-allocation by deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying remodeling of nuclear organization and their effects on developmental gene expression, using mouse embryos and ES cells as model systems.


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