Professor: Nobuyuki SHIINA, Ph.D.
E-mail: nshiina[at]
Assistant Professor: Kei NAKAYAMA, Ph.D.

Link: Shiina Group Website


The transport of specific mRNAs and local control of translation in neuronal dendrites represent an important gene expression system that provides localized protein synthesis in dendrites at just the right time and place. This system controls the location at which neurites will connect to each other, thereby forming neural networks. The specific mRNAs are recruited into “RNA granules” in neuronal dendrites. We are researching RNA granule factors regulating mRNA transport and local translation, their target mRNAs, and the mechanisms of localized protein synthesis using mice in order to better understand its relation to the formation of synapses and neural networks, memory, learning, and behavior.



・Nakayama K, Ohashi R, Shinoda Y, Yamazaki M, Abe M, Fujikawa A, Shigenobu S, Futatsugi A, Noda M, Mikoshiba K, Furuichi T, Sakimura K and Shiina N. eLife 6, e29677 (2017).

・Ohashi R, Takao K, Miyakawa T and Shiina N. Sci. Rep. 6, 20775 (2016).

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