Department of Creative Research

Bioimage Informatics Group
TAKADA, Shinji (professor)
KATO, Kagayaki (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor)
OHTA, Yusaku (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor)
Group Page
・Quantitative analysis for cellular dynamics during organogenesis.
・Development of software tools for biological image processing.
・Algorithm development for quantitative analysis on biological phenomena.
Biomolecular Dynamics Simulation Group
OKUMURA, Hisashi (Associate Professor) Group Page
・Development of new molecular dynamics simulation algorithms
・Molecular dynamics simulation of protein aggregates and amyloid fibrils
Biomolecular Organization Research Group
KATO, Koichi (Professor) Group Page
・Elucidation of dynamical structures of biomolecules toward understanding the mechanisms underlying their functions
・Dynamical ordering of biomolecular systems for creation of integrated functions
Biophotonics Research Group
NEMOTO, Tomomi (Professor)
ENOKI, Ryosuke
(Associate Professor)
Group Page
Cardiocirculatory Dynamism Research Group
NISHIDA, Motohiro (Professor) Group Page
・Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology
・Redox Biology on Protein Quality Control
・Molecular and Cellular Biology on the Acquired Spontaneous Activity
Cognitive Genomics Research Group
GO, Yasuhiro (Specially Appointed Associate Professor) Group Page
・Comparative biology of the human and non-human primate brain
・Comparative neurogenomics for deciphering humanness
・Method development for quantifying the diversity of central nervous systems
Developmental Signaling Research Group
TAKADA, Shinji (Professor) Group Page
・Developmental Biology
・Intercellular communication
・Singnal transduction
Dynamic Molecular Neurobiology Group
SHIINA, Nobuyuki (Associate Professor) Group Page
・Biochemistry and cell biology of mRNA and protein components for mRNA transport and local translation.
・Molecular imaging of dynamic assembly and transport of RNA granules.
・Neurobiology of knockout mice of the RNA granule components.G7
Metallobiology Group
AONO, Shigetoshi (Professor) Group Page
・Bioinorganic Chemistry of Sensor Proteins
・Biochemistry and Biophysics of Metalloproteins
Neuronal Networks Research Group
HIGASHIJIMA, Shin-ichi (Professor) Group Page
・Neuronal circuits that control rhythmic undulate movements of trunk musculatures in larval zebrafish
・Neuronal circuits that control rhythmic pectoral fin movements in larval zebrafish
・Neuronal circuits that regulate speed change during locomotion
Protein Design Group
KOGA, Nobuyasu (Professor) Group Page
・Computational Protein Design
・Develop methods for creating functional proteins
・Develop methods for generating thermo stable proteins
・Design molecular motors
Quantitative Biology Group
AOKI, Kazuhiro (Professor) Group Page
・Live cell imaging and quantification of cell cycle and apoptosis
・Optogenetic manipulation of intracellular signal transduction
・Whole brain imaging in C.elegans
Spatiotemporal Regulations Group
NONAKA, Shigenori (Specially Appointed Associate Professor) Group Page
・Left-right asymmetry in development
・Application of light-sheet microscopy for cell and developmental biology
Thermal Biology Group
TOMINAGA, Makoto (Professor)
SOKABE, Takaaki (Associate Professor)
Group Page
・Thermal biology
・Thermosensitive TRP channels
・Patch-clamp, Ca-imaging and lipid-bilayer systems
Biomolecular Interaction Research Group
UCHIYAMA, Susumu (Visiting Professor) Group Page
・Quantitative analysis of dynamic protein-protein interactions
・Mass spectrometry of proteins and protein complexes
・Biophysical characterization of therapeutic proteins
Plant Development and Physiology Research Group
TSUKAYA, Hirokazu (Visiting Professor)
KAWADE Kensuke (Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
Group Page
・Characterization of intercellular signaling coordinating develoment and metabolism
・Identification of new metabolic control of developmental system
・Establishment of metabolomics technique for developmental biology
Biofunctional Systems Construction Research Group
SATO, Koji (Specially Appointed Associate Professor) Group Page
・Sensory physiology of olfaction
・Biomimetis of sensory organs
・Development of biosensing tools
Constructive Biology Group
KURIHARA, Kensuke (Specially Appointed Associate Professor) Group Page
・Catalyst-generating and self-reproducing vesicle
・Oil droplet – vesicle transformation system
・Peptide synthesis in self-reproducing supramolecular system
Nuclear Dynamics Group
MIYANARI, Yusuke (Specially Appointed Associate Professor) Group Page
・Chromatin dynamics
・Nuclear Architecture
・Cell potency


Collaborative Research Group

Biomolecular Dynamics Observation Group
UCHIHASHI, Takayuki (Visiting Professor) Group Page

・Imaging and analysis of dynamic events of biological molecules such as conformational change and protein-protein interaction.

・Instrumentation towards functional extension of high-speed atomic force microscopy.


Section for Exploration of Life in Extreme Environments

Deep-Sea and Deep Subsurface Life Research Group
TAKAI, Ken (Visiting Professor) Group Page

・Exploration for limits of life and biosphere in deep-sea and deep subsurface environments of the Earth

・Determination of boundary conditions between habitable and uninhabitable states

・Cellular and molecular functional mechanisms for the fringe biosphere in deep-sea and deep subsurface environments

・Implication for habitability of extraterrestrial living forms based on understanding of earthy fringe life and biosphere
Extreme Environmental Biomolecular Research Group
KATO, Koichi (Professor) Group Page
・Biomolecular analysis for understanding the adaptation mechanisms of living systems to extreme environments.

・Development of biotechnological applications based on knowledge of biomolecular systems involved in biological activities in extreme environments.


Collaborative Research Promotion Office

Collaborative Research Coordinator
Satoh, Tadashi(Specially Appointed Associate Professor)


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