ExCELLS aims to achieve an integrative understanding of living systems beyond reductionism utilizing large-scale data analyses and synthetic biological approaches. ExCELLS provides a unique platform for cross-disciplinary research in an inter-university, collaborative environment, using the “Observe, Read, and Create” approach.


To develop innovative methods for observing dynamic behaviors of biomolecules in situ and for visualizing changes in quantities of various physical components in complex living systems
To develop theoretical and computational approaches to decode, interpret, and predict biological patterns from varying data
To understand the design principles of dynamically ordering, and robust systems in varying environment by creating experimental and computational living systems


ExCELLS also explores living systems in extreme environments to elucidate original modes of living and adaptation strategies of organisms.
ExCELLS, as a multidisciplinary center of excellence, will create new science with integrative insights into the essence of life and living systems.


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